Friday, December 18, 2009

Mouse-less Right-Click

People are always asking me how I am so fast on the computer. My answer is that I try to keep my hands on the keyboard and avoid the mouse as much as I can. Really? Yes, really!

There are many shortcuts I have provided in my Tips and Newsletters and I will continue to do so. One easy one that many people do not know is that you can use your Keyboard to do a Mouse Right-Click. You've been told for years to Right-click whenever possible to receive shortcut menus. Well, you do not need your mouse to perform a Right-click.

Find the button below on your keyboard. It is usually located next to the CTRL button.

Simply press the ALT key and this button and the right-click (or shortcut) menu will appear.

Use your arrow keys to navigate the menu and press ENTER to select an item.

HINT: Shift + F10 also works to perform the mouse right-click.

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