Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How to Filter Lists using Excel

I've had a few people ask me lately how to filter lists using Excel. It really is as simple as clicking a button on the Ribbon.

If you prefer video, you can watch this short video tutorial here:

Or, you may follow these steps:

With your list open in Excel, click on the "Data" Ribbon or Tab, depending on the version of Excel you are using.

Once on the Data Tab, click the "Filter" button. (It looks like a funnel)

Excel will place arrows to the right of each field in your Header Row.

Simply click on the arrow for the Column of Data you'd like to Filter.

There are quite a few options, depending on the version of Excel you are using.

If you filter a list and decide you do not want filters anymore, simply click the Filter button on the Ribbon again. This will remove the arrows and un-filter your list.

It really is that simple.

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