Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to Print Excel Formulas

I have many students that ask me how to create a list of the most used Excel Formulas.  There are a few ways... 

If you want a list from Microsoft Help, just open your help by pressing F1 or use your Office Assistant.  Search for Formulas and Print the Help page.

But sometimes this list isn't entirely what you want.  So, you can simply create your own list of formulas and print your list for future reference.

To do so, follow these instructions.

Type a list of the common formulas you use (or use an existing spreadsheet that someone else has created).

Click Tools | Options.

Click on the VIEW Tab.

On the View Tab, check "Formulas" in the Windows Options area of the Tab.

Click OK and you will return to your spreadsheet with the Formulas showing, instead of the results.

It's that simple.

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