Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to Burn a CD using iTunes

Many people think iTunes is used only to synch their iPods, but it can do so much more.

iTunes is a FREE software program you can download and use to play your music.  iTunes also allows you to create Playlists and Burn CDs.

Playlists, simply put, are a compilation of music that you put together.  For example:  if you have five (5) different albums of music from five (5) different artists, but you only like two (2) or three (3) songs on each album, you can create a "Favorites" Playlist and place only your favorite songs from each album into the Playlist and Burn them to create a CD.  Playlists are also used to organize your iPod in the same manner.

To create a Playlist, choose File | New Playlist.  A folder called "New Playlist" will be created in the lower left side of your screen under "Playlists".  Simply type a name for the Playlist, such as "Jamies Favorites" and press Enter to Save.  Now you are ready to add songs to the Playlist.

To add songs, simply choose the songs from your "Music" folder and click and drag them to the newly created Playlist.

Once you have added all of the songs you wish to add, simply Right-Click the Playlist and choose "Burn Playlist to a CD".  Depending on the version of iTunes, a window will open asking you which format you choose to create.  If you will be using the CD in your car or an older CD player, you will probably want to choose "Audio CD".  An Audio CD will be able to be played by most CD players.  If you wish to create an "MP3 CD", some CD players may not have MP3 capability.

Choose OK and the CD will begin burning.  Once completed, you will receive a message on the screen and your CD will be ejected.  Make sure and label your CD and have fun listening!

As always, if you have questions, "Go Ask Debbie!"

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