Thursday, May 20, 2010

PowerPoint Master Slides

PowerPoint has the option for "Headers and Footers" much like Word and Excel.  However, it is very limited.

To create Headers and Footers that are not limited, use Master Slides.

To do so, follow these steps:

PowerPoint 2003 (and older):

Click View | Master and choose which Masters you wish to apply your changes.

Once in the Master, you may add whatever you wish to appear on every slide.  For example, you may wish to add a Logo in the background and you may wish to add a Header and/or Footer.  Just remember that everything you place on the Master Slide will appear on every slide.

Once you've made your changes or additions, remember to click on View and go back to "Normal".  This will ensure you are no longer working in the Master Slides.

PowerPoint 2007:

Click on the "View" Ribbon and choose the Master Slide you wish to apply your changes.

As with 2003, make any changes and additions you wish and they will appear on every slide.  However, there is a small difference in 2007:  you can make changes to each layout style within the Master Slides.

Now, your PowerPoint presentations can and will look very professional.  It's that simple!

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