Friday, November 13, 2009

Outlook Fax Numbers as E-mails

How many times have you tried to send an e-mail, only to have a FAX number show up in the E-mail field? Since Outlook is setup to FAX electronically, FAX numbers will show up when trying to send e-mails.

To avoid this, try one of these options:

1. Type the FAX number for your Contacts in a field OTHER than the FAX field.


2. Type an Alpha Character in front of the Fax number (such as: FAX623-555-1111). This will trick Outlook into thinking this is not a valid Fax number and will stop it from appearing in your E-mails.


3. There are software programs you can purchase that will automatically do this for you, but there will be a cost involved. So, I recommend one of the above "quick-fixes".

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