Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to Create Screen Tips in Word

When sending Word documents electronically, there may be some advantage to providing Screen Tips. Screen Tips are when you "hover" over a word or phrase and a Tip pops up.

These are very simple to setup, just follow these steps:

1) Select the word or phrase you wish to add the Tip
2) Right-click and choose Hyperlink
3) Click "Screen Tip"
4) In the pop-up window, simply type the text (tip) you wish to appear
5) Click "OK"
6) Type a Name for the Tip in the "Address" box and click "OK"

To test the Screen Tip, simply hover your mouse and you should see the Tip.


  1. How do I get rid of "hit Ctrl+Click" to go there, since it is just a screen tip and not a hyperlink?

    1. Hi Pete,

      Since, in essence, the Screen Tip is a hyperlink (and created using the hyperlink function within Word) it will always show the default "CTRL + CLICK" below the text you entered as the Screen Tip.


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