Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to Save Pictures from an E-mail

Many people receive e-mails that have beautiful pictures and would like to save these pictures.  But, if they are not typical attachments, how do you save them?

The answer is actually quite simple, but may take a bit longer than saving all attachments at once.

If the pictures are not attachments and you can only see them within the e-mail, they are "embedded" within the e-mail.  This means that the sender has used some sort of program that creates an HTML e-mail and the pictures are actually within the programming of the HTML.

To save the pictures, simply Right-Click directly on the picture and choose "Save As".  Now, simply save them in a folder where you can easily find them.  Continue doing this for each picture within the e-mail.  The next time you are ready to view the pictures, you do not have to open the e-mail; you may just open the folder where you saved the pictures.

It's that simple!

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