Friday, July 24, 2009

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Most people think the mouse is the only way to move around in Windows. I've had more than one occasion where the mouse stopped working and the user didn't know what to do. These keyboard shortcuts will help you become faster and can potentially save you some day.

From the beginning of Windows, most keyboard shortcuts remain the same today. Here are just a few:

To Open a Document, press the CTRL and O keys simultaneously (CTRL + O).
To Save a Document, press CTRL + S.
To Print a Document, press CTRL + P.
To open the Menu, press the ALT key. From there, use your arrow keys to maneuver the menus.
To Close a Window (such as Word, Excel, or others), press ALT + F4.
To Spell Check, press the F7 key.
To Copy a section of text that you just typed, press the F4 key.
To Insert a Hyperlink, press CTRL + K.

And, my favorites:
Copy = CTRL + C
Cut = CTRL + X
Paste = CTRL + V

Practice these and you will become much less dependent on the mouse.

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