Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Less is More with PowerPoint

Don't make Powerpoint too difficult. Follow these 4 Tips and you will be off to a Great Presentation!

  1. Typeface & Font - Less is more! Choose a simple font. It is easier to read sans serif fonts such as Helvetic, Arial, and Geneva. Aim BIG - larger fonts are easier to read. If you use anything smaller than 18 or 20 point fonts, many people may have trouble seeing.
  2. Colors & Schemes - Keep it simple is the key here. Too much color or too busy of a scheme can be distracting. Also, a white background can give off a glare. Try a dark background with white text.
  3. Bullet Points - Do not overwhelm your audience with text. Use bullets to summarize your presentation. You do not want to read your presentation word for word.
  4. Graphics, Videos, & Charts - Use interactive features to make your presentation interesting, but don't use too many. This can also be distracting. Make your point with a simple graphic and move on.
Powerpoint has exciting tools and features, just beware of too much. The old rule of "Less is More" definitely applies here!

Click here for resources on Presentation Skills.

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