Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Add Watermarks

Have you ever wanted to add a Watermark to a Word document and didn't know how? It's really quite simple.

With your document open, simply click on View Header & Footer.

From there, your document text will appear to be "shaded" - this helps you to see the Header or Footer information with which you are working.

Simply click Insert Picture and then choose to insert a File on your Computer or to choose a Graphic from Clipart. Once you find your Graphic, double-click to insert it into your Header & Footer area.

Next, Right-Click the Graphic and choose "Format Picture" from the sub-menu.

If you are not already, be sure and click on the "Picture" Tab. In the middle of this screen, you will see Image Control / Color. Click on the Drop-Down and choose "Washout".

Click OK to return to your document.

Notice that the image is now very light in color. Now, simply close your Header & Footer by clicking on the CLOSE button on the Toolbar.

Once back in your document, you will notice that the Image is behind the text of your document and shows up as a Watermark.

A great resource for Images is

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