Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Save a File as a PDF

Often there are times when you need to send a file in which it cannot be edited. One of the easiest and most universal ways to do this is to create a PDF file format. PDF stands for Portable Document Format.

Adobe Reader is the most widely used software allowing users to view PDF file types, and it is FREE. There are other programs available, but you will notice that Adobe Reader is often the program that is pre-installed on new computers and most often used by businesses. Most of you have probably used this program.

However, the question of the day is "How do I create a PDF file?"

There are many ways to create a PDF file.

1) Use a Scanner that will save the file as a PDF
There are many drawbacks to this - the scanners can be expensive and the document must be printed prior to running through the scanner.

2) Use Adobe Writer
This is a separate program that must be purchased and is rather expensive. However, the advantage to having this program is that you can Edit certain PDF files (as long as they were not scanned as an image and as long as they are not protected).

3) Users with Microsoft Office 2007® may install the Add-in that allows files to be saved as a PDF.

4) Download a FREE PDF Creation software
There are many PDF Creation software programs that can be downloaded FREE from the Internet. This, in my opinion, is the best option for most people.

Some of the FREE programs available include
CutePDF, PrimoPDF, and pdf995. I have found these to be very small installations and very user friendly programs. To save the file as a PDF, most of these programs use the Print option which then creates the PDF.

With technology evolving so quickly these days, it is hard to keep up. I hope this has given you some good options on PDFs.

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