Friday, August 7, 2009

Outlook Recurring Appointments

Did you know that you can setup recurring appointments in Outlook? I have seen many people forget meetings, appointments, etc - and these are the ones that happen on a regular basis. Our lives are too busy these days, so we need to learn to take advantage of the power of Outlook.

To setup a Recurring Appointment (one that happens every month, for example), follow these steps:

Open your Calendar.

Double Click the date of the next appointment (or choose File New Appointment).

Type in the Subject, Location, Date, and Time, as usual.

Click on "Recurrence" on the Toolbar.

Once the Recurrence Windows opens, choose all options that apply to your recurring appointment (for example: Monthly, Every 28th Day, etc).

You have the option of setting up the recurrence for a certain time period. You may have the recurrence appear 10 times on your Calendar, for example OR you may choose to have it End after a certain date.

After you have made all of your choices, click the OK button.

Once you have returned to the Calendar, you will see the recurrence details. Click Save and Close and you have now successfully setup a Recurring Appointment.

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